e-Business Solutions



Internet Connection Systems:

We indicated in each case, which is the best possible alternative of connection to Internet according to your organization structure, we do the hiring and the connection of the service. 

Advising in implementations of technological solutions:

We establish the best alternatives of software for the tasks, habitual transactions and other operations of your organization, profession or entrepreneurship.

Digital Internet Automation Solutions:

Diagnose, proposal and installation of Internet alternatives for the automation of sites functions to improve the profit of its objectives efficiently and effectively.


Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing Strategies:

Positioning Definition, competitive strategy development, action plan and budget considered. Only sites with a perfect knowledge of this items can succeed in Internet world.

Internet Marketing Management:

Handling of the actual Internet strategy of the company and permanent adaptation of the content of the site to organizational needs.

Advertising and Promotional Campaigns:

Potentials consumers profiles Analysis, location and development of the advertising and/or promotional message with election of the suitable Internet communication vehicles.

Internet Presence:

Inclusion in the top Internet search engines and directories, International and regional, advertorials, all agreed to wished organizacional or professional positioning.

Content update:

Administration, inclusion and modification published information in Internet in agreement with the necessities of the client and their Web site.


The changes are introduced through the marketing tools which offer the best knowledge of Web site users, better services and customer fidelization.

Design and Architecture Web adaptations:

Taking care of products and services evolution the site image is adapted in addition to the structure of content, urls and tools that needs the new site.

Web Site Valuation:

We estimate the present economic value of a Web site according to real parameters predetermined universally for international transactions.

Web Site Analysis:

We elaborate a professional diagnosis of the structure, design, internet tools and content looking for improvements and changes that can be done by any technician, programmer or web site administrator.



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