e-Business Solutions



Virtual Offices:


Either you are a professional, entrepreneur or business man we provide sites already online for professional presentation, Internet interaction and communication tools.


Specialized sites:


The specialized sites may have several objectives: customer support, sales, product and services information, publicity and promotion, and any specified activity can be developed in Internet.


Automated sites:


The automated sites allow the self-service by the internet web site users without the intervention or maintenance of an administrator and can act also like specialized sites.



Internet Marketing



Tools of Marketing:


We develop, select and install the following marketing tools: Auto Responders, Support online, Statistics software, Banners Management and Resellers programs.


Institutional Web sites:


The professional, company or entrepreneur image is reflected through these exclusively conceived sites to harness the knowledge of contact information, products, and other useful information.


Promotional Web sites:


Pages developed for functions of marketing with limited duration, including the hiring of domains, hosting and web design.



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