IGC/INET - Internet Global Congress - Barcelona - 2004



Nowadays the competitive world demands of the services and specialized products global suppliers to be there where the updated information can be obtained, key and essential to maintain the leadership in the market.

In this context, e-Consultor has been present sharing with 2600 congressmen of 80 countries and about 30 international "gurus", as well as global members of technological elite world-wide, the top Internet subjects in the celebrated World-wide Conference in Barcelona.

The analysis of the different topics treated during the event will allow us to follow the permanent changes of the sector as well as to develop new products and services to our present clients and to satisfy the future demand of potential clients.

So we maintain our commitment with the effectiveness and efficiency of the faced actions for the in order to achieve varied objectives within the framework of a global product benefit and services in Spain and Latin America.

For that reason, if you want to keep your business, company or profession at the vanguard of the technological implementations in Internet always you will have the security to be choosing the best option: e-Consultor eBusiness solutions and Internet Marketing products and services.



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